Welcome to IMABI! 

The Japanese word for today is kyō. When written as 今日 with Chinese characters, it has other possible readings, one of which is oddly not used. That potential pronunciation became the source of inspiration for the name of this curriculum for learning Japanese. Changing "kyō" to "imabi" was done to symbolize a new today for learning Japanese.

IMABI has 422 lessons spanning from ground zero of knowing Japanese all the way to Classical Japanese if one so chooses to travel the entire journey. Curriculum content is constantly updated on a daily basis. Its usefulness is determined by not just the work I put into it, but also by the questions, concerns, and advice I get from users.

Unlike some other mainstream sources, IMABI has remained a free resource. As a result, there are some limitations to the quality and degree of services provided here. That is why input from users is crucial to its continued success. 

Everyone including beginners, fluent speakers, and native speakers are welcome to join for FREE. Currently, however, due to a severe bug that has yet to be fixed on the part of the third-party website builder that helps make this site possible, it is currently not possible to join IMABI. Due know that this is a known issue and that it will be fixed whenever they are able to find a solution. In the meantime, please enjoy the material. 

I accept questions through Facebook or e-mail. The Facebook page also details major changes that are made to the website. Don't forget to like! These changes are also cataloged in the Update Log page. Because the entire website is undergoing major renovation, these two places are important to frequently look at to know what exactly has been updated.

E-mail: imabinosekai@gmail.com


Wanna Learn Japanese? 

To get started learning the wonderful language which is Japanese, check out the individual Table of Contents for the level you're interested in. There you will find a treasure trove for each level to fit your needs!

Beginners 1 

Beginners 2

Intermediate 1

Intermediate 2

Advanced 1

Advanced 2

Veteran I 

Veteran II 

Classical Japanese 

Okinawan (Just 1 lesson for now) 


Here you can discuss any topic you'd like about Japanese. If someone or me don't get in touch with you in a promptly fashion, feel free to e-mail me directly and I'll be happy to get to you!  


The Document Assignment

Objective: Read the IMABI curriculum from Lesson 1 to the end.
Time Frame: One lesson per week.


1. Read through the curriculum starting from Lesson 1, taking approximately 1 week per lesson.
2. Take notes on what you’ve learned in document form and submit on a fixed date established between you (the learner) and me (the teacher).
3. Compile questions along with your notes.
4. Take note of any errors you may find in any way. This also includes things that you can’t quite understand.

By doing this assignment weekly, you will have a firm objective for studying Japanese as well as provide me immeasurable information and an endless source of ideas for how to improve things as I continue with the site remodel project.

Contact me at imabinosekai@gmail.com to set up how you will complete this assignment. You can determine how much time you need per lesson, but document submissions will be based on fixed days so I can better manage your progress and address any curriculum edits that may be needed to answer your questions. 


The site is currently undergoing a full-fledged remodeling in which all pages are being updated to one, concise, uniform format. This is highly time consuming, and due to financial and economic hardships, I can only get oh so much done. With that being said, the continued success of this website can be best brought up by those who can lend a hand. Even if you are unable to donate, you may know others who would like to see more become of this website. If so, I ask that you please spread the word so that this curriculum may continue being the inspiration it's been to so many who are trying to learn Japanese.